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June 29, 2021

We have started manufacturing and using stainless steel rounded throats, smoke chambers and large (18-24” diameter pipe) for all of our Rumford and Rosin style fireplaces. The price is a little higher than the clay pieces but we don’t have the issue of the clay pieces cracking over time, which we have seen as an issue with past builds. Plus they are much lighter and easier to install. We insulate the outside of the stainless in the field so they heat up faster and will give you better and faster draft. Below are a few photos.



I’m glad to hear that your stainless steel components cost more than the Superior Clay clay components.

Out of thousands built over thirty years we are aware of only a handful of throats cracking - all of them as a result of abuse by burning construction trash. Similarly, smoke chambers and clay flue liners might crack as a result of chimney fires or other severe over-firing events but usually a hairline crack only relieves the stress and the system is still safe and fully functional.

I like the way you insulated the throat, smoke chamber and flue. How do you deal with differential expansion?

While different materials have different ways of failing, I think our clay linings will last about a hundred years longer than any stainless steel liners or components. I’ll check back with you about 2051.


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