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Eighteen Year Old Rumford

Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008
From: Douglas Morrison
Subject: 36" Fireplace
To: buckley@rumford.com

Hi Jim,

I was part of masonry crew that built a number of Rumford fireplaces in the Madison, Wisconsin area in the early '90s. You visited one of our job sites.

I liked the Rumford's so much that I built a 36" one in 1992 using your smoke chamber/throat components in my own 1897 Victorian house. I built it on a west facing outside wall in the kitchen.

Just thought you'd like to know it continues to burn and function perfectly and the only modification I'm considering is putting on a flue top damper. The fireplace produces enough heat to allow us to keep the thermostat below 64 degrees on the first floor during the coldest of Wisconsin winter days and nights, even though it is on an outside wall.

As you can imagine, I always get compliments about the Rumford and there are usually disagreements as to who gets to sit in the rocking chairs in front of it when company is here. I've explained the building process and component system so many times that I think I could build one in my sleep.

So, thanks for your continued support of this wonderful masonry designed fireplace. It's been great for us.

Doug Morrison

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