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Charley Gingerich, Mason

Fireplace smoked at first. Smoke drawn into fireplace behind the one shown in the great room. We thought it was for lack of sufficient make-up air but it was difficult to prove. We used the kitchen fan to simulate the draft of one fireplace and could not detect any downdraft in the other fireplace but when we lit the fireplace smoke did come back down the other flue.

Apparently the kitchan fan was not working or at least not pulling as much air as we thought. When we opened a door and eventually a vent in the basement both fireplaces worked fine.

Lesson learned: Verify assumptions - in this case whether or not the kitchan fan was actually moving air and not just "on".

Later the mason, Charlie Gingerich reported that he removed the damper, which didn't fully open, and replaced it with a chimney-top damper and that seemed to help a lot too.

Charlie Gingerich, mason
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