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Mason's Chimney Service
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Contact: Edward Ridgeway Sr.

Full service company with CSIA certified chimney sweeps. We install and restore masonry fireplaces. Routine maintenance and inspections with ChimScan equipment. We provide repair service and basic chimney products such as caps and dampers.

Many of the fireplaces we restore are converted to Rumford style fireboxes and smoke chambers offering our clients an asthetically pleasing and efficient fireplace.

As requested here are a few photos of some fireplaces that we have restored.

Masonšs Chimney Service & Certified Air Duct Cleaning, Inc.
Stacey Ridgeway, 11/06



Throat/smoke chamber/transition

We make our own smoke chambers out of firebrick and either ChamberTech 2000 or Chamberguard from Firesafe Industries. I wanted to use your smoke chambers but the masonry yards around here that are listed as dealers keep shunning me saying it cost too much for shipping or we'll get you one the next time we place an order with Superior (never). You would think all of their flues come from there.

We've done 32 Rumfordizations to date and every single customer loves it. They all canšt believe how it out performs their old fireplace. When I return the following year to sweep them I'm lucky to get a tablespoon of soot out of them. That's the truth.

Ed Ridgeway
Masons Chimney Service Inc.

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