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March 16, 2014
From: Edward Maciejczyk

to buckley

Hello my name Edward Maciejczyk. I live in a small town in Ohio. I have been working on a weekend cabin for about 4 years. I started one year ago putting a rumford fire place in the cabin. I have completed it myself using your on line instructions. It's was big under taking for one person. I enjoyed the build it was a great experience.

I thought I would share the picture of it finished.

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Thanks Jim I have read over all info in links. I have some issues that I need to address.

The damper was bought with the masonry kit it came with flues and smoke chamber. I noticed that the damper is not fully open in the highest notch. It is not completely vertical. I can correct this buy adding another notch.

I also had installed a rain cap for the size flue but there is not enough sq. In. of screen area to let the smoke out.

Everything else checks out - height of flue, etc. This fireplace has been operational for about 3 years used during construction of remote cabin. I love the look and heat from it. Still working on cabin should finish this year. Thanks for your help.

Edward, Thank you. Looks as if you did a great job. Congratulations! Best, Jim Buckley

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