Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
Michael Lucero

From: "Michael Lucero"
Subject: Michael Lucero - Bangs, TX
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004

Hello Jim:

You might remember speaking with me on occassion about the Rumford's I've built here in Central TX. The last time we talked you we discussed smokey fireplaces, downdraft, air pressure and such. As you know, I have built four rumfords (two 60", on 48" and the 36" in my house). So far so good! As we discussed today on the phone, I'm still having some challenges regarding smoke rollout from mysterious sources.

The two 60" fireplaces I built in the Warren hunting lodge have received rave reviews. I hear many hunters have enjoyed those fireplaces, and that's great news to hear.

The customers are quite impressed with not only the asthetic appeal of the Rumfords, but also with their efficiency and functionality. The interior fireplace is in a 58" x 35" great room which has a 30' vaulted ceiling. I've taken several pictures, but I don't have any with the project completed. When I get a chance to get back out there, I'll send you a couple of pictures. At some time in the future, I would like for you to come see them up close.

The attached pictures are of the two 60" fireplaces in progress. These were back-to-back fireplaces (indoor/outdoor). I'll have better pics later, so use any of these if you find a decent one.

Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
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