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Mon, 29 Jan 2007

Mr .Buckley,

Well I have to show you the fireplace and explain the material used. The construction are basic principles from Count Rumford. The opening is 80 x 80 cm (31 x 31 in). Firebox walls are made of solid masonary units including Icelandic volcano pimpstone very ligth weight. Firebox is made of firebrick from SPAIN, the green marble is from CHINA, the Rumford throat, and smoke chamber are made of steel, also inported material. The fire dogs are from England. Design and work are all mine. The fire is exactly like Mr. Rumford figured out, beautiful.

You are velcome to use the photo in your webgallery.

Best Regards,
Jon Eldon Logason

My fathers name Logi. Translated to english: Fire. I my self am therfore son of Fire, Logi-son or Logason. The middle name, ELDon, is also relatet to fire. Eldur Means Fire in Icelandic so we in my family are very proud to be in fireplace designing and building.

With warm regards from Iceland
Jon Eldon logason
Fellasmára 7
201 Kopavogur

Dear Mr. Buckley.

First of all thank you for excellant website. I my self learned about mr, Rumford reading a book named: "Scientist Soldier Statesman, Count Rumford, the extra ordinary life af a scientific genius." written by G.I.Brown in the year 1999. Since then I am  one of his team.

I am a 3rd genaration of a fireplace mason in my family and the 4th is taking over. I remember reading about Count Rumford in a book belong to my father: "Audel Guide to the Building trades" published 1950. My father was born 28 september 1907. He past away 1986.

Unfortunately none of us could see the magic in his words. "C.R." until 1999 I vas so lucky finding your site on The Web after reading his biography. Since then I am  using the unique Rumford principles. My first work completely after C.R. principles I made in my own house, when ligthing the first time I lay down on the floor trying to see how the little start smoke find his way up the chimney. My vife took the picture (attach). This picture, a snapshot, shows a part of a firespirits stand still for a moment on the outside hearth, and since that day I am proud to be in The Count Team.

Mr. Jim Buckley, thank you for being the Counts man nr. one.

Logason Basalt Rumford
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