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Scott Kehagias
Not getting Enough Heat?

Hello there from PA.

As requested attached please find two photos of our 42" Runford with a blaze going in it.

We would appreciate any advice you may have, judging from the pic.

So far we love it, but it seems to not be as hot as we thought it might be. We had heard that they truly fill the room. Maybe we need an adjustment of some kind?

Thank You..

Scott Kehagias


Thanks for the pictures. Looks like a great house and fireplace and the fire looks big enough. I don't know why it doesn't seem as hot as you imagined it would. Here are some guesses:

1) Too high expectations? Rumfords are very good radiant heating fireplaces but they are still real fireplaces. What are you comparing it to?

2) The screen is nice and necessary when you are not watching the fire but the screen blocks a lot of the radiant heat. Try it with the screen removed.

3) Green firewood? Dry well seasoned firewood makes a lot of difference and that generally means two year old firewood. Even firewood cut a year ago may be still green enough that a lot of energy is used drying it out.

4) New or mature fire? The pictures show an early fire, probably not more than half an hour after ignition. Give it a couple of hours to heat up the firebrick so that the smoke stains burn off at least the lower half of the fireback, which happens when the firebrick get up to about 1200 deg.F An hour after that, when the temperature of the fire and the lower fireback are closer to 2000 deg F, the fireplace should put out it's maximum heat.

Let me know how it works.

Jim Buckley

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