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With 20 years of experience representing Jordan in international trade negotiations in Agriculture, Ahmad emmigrated to Canada last year to "get into the private sector" and "to give his children a better education". I was fortunate to get to know him when he still lived in Jorden and started building Rumford fireplaces. A well-educated and very clever man. Get him to build your Rumford before he moves on to some upper level management job. - Jim Buckley


Dear Jim,

I highly appreciate your support and cooperation. Actually, before I started building Rumford fireplaces, I built several fireplaces in different shapes - deep, wide and not high like Rumfords. The first Rumford fireplace I built was in my own house in 2004. From that point, I began suggesting the Rumford fireplace design to architects and customers. The result was wonderful. Because of the shallow and tall firebox of Rumford fireplace and the wide opened angle of the side walls, further to its eligant shape, customers said that it is the largest fire size they have ever seen in a fireplace with the highest warming efficiency.

Thank you Jim for your valuable efforts in extending and expanding the unique and exceptional concept of the old Rumford fireplace worldwide.

Jim, my Canadian address is:

159 Bruce Beer Dr.
Brampton, Ontario
L6V 3J2 Canada
647 924 9651
ahmedkayali@hotmail.com Best regards

Jordanian Rumfords

From: ahmed kayali
To: Jim Buckley
Subject: RE: Rumford fireplaces
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009

Dear Jim,

I would like to thank you very much for your interest. Foregive me for the delay in reply, I was just taking some suitable shots to send.

Attached you can find some pictures of Rumford fireplaces that I have constructed. All Rumford fireplaces I built are according to your specifications and dimensions. It is really something different and wonderful. But the main problem I face is that people in Jordan arn't familiar with a fireplace that is wide, tall and shallow, and I am currently in the phase of introducing it to customers.

I hope you will find the pictures clear and waiting for your comments and suggestions.

Best regards,

Ahmed Kayali

Ahmed Kayali's Children and his own Rumford

from: ahmed kayali
to: Jim Buckley
date: Tue, Jan 12, 2010
subject: RE: fire ribbon

Dear Jim,

That exactly what I could need (sand pan burner), the firebox is built localy, and what I need is the burner it self accompanied by the other electrical parts like the electrical valve and the remote control.

Also, kindly find attached pictures of rumford made of local trevertine stone in addition to the streamlined steel throat and damper.

Best regards

Ahmed Kayali

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