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Hello Jim ,

Hope all finds you well!

I finally finished up on the 42" Rumford ....



Good day Mr. Buckley,

I like to replace a conventional brick fireplace built in limestone with a Rumford one.

The current fire place burnt fine - however it had no damper to close during the summer and not the most impressive.

I can fit the 42" components (smoke chamber, damper, and throat) into the existing space. However the concern is the existing chimney - Internal dimensions are 9" X 13" and 9 ' tall. The plan was to clean and use the existing flue with the new Rumford components below. Does this flue have enough cross cut area to handle a 42" Rumford exhaust - or should I scale it back to a 36" design?

Secondly, I noticed the Air/ Ash opening in the bottom of the fireplace in some designs. Is this required or a nice addition? Does it provide combustion air to the fire from the outside?

I have attached a couple photos of the existing fireplace. I can supply more with the brick fireplace removed.

I have taken the liberty of paying for 1/2hr of your time....

Look forward to discussing this project.

Best regards,
Wayne Jones

Note: Quite a lot of email discussion about code, dampers, etc. See email records.

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