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Hi we are a masonry company in Duluth Mn. We have installed quite a few Rumfords, probably around 20-25, and need to get certified and get on your list.

Also we have about 5-8 rumfords to do this year and I have a question on one project it has 1 30 inch or 36 inch in the basement with two back to back rumfords stacked on the top one being 60 inch wide and the other a 36 inch wide and we need to get the chimney through two beams that are 5 ft 5inch apart we will need a 5 inch stone ledge when we go through the roof, the stone is natural ledge style and we may not need 4 inch block backer above the roof and just lay the stone against the flues with a slip between the stone and flues we don't need rebar in the corners as you do out west, we are just wondering if you have any suggestions to get through the beams, the customer would really like the rumford in the basement but it may be our option to recommend eliminating it to get the chimney through.

Your rumfords have worked well for us I used to build them from scratch but would not go back after using your kits

Ken Johnston, 2006

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