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Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2007
From: Jimmy Liou
Subject: Rumford Pictures
To: jeannie

Hi Jeannie,

The project I designed at Rockaway, NJ has been completed. Attached are two pictures of the fireplace and family room. Please place them in the picture galley with my credits. When it's done, please let me know so that I may take a look myself. Thanks.

Happy new year!

Jimmy Liou , Architect
Hanover Architectural Service, PA

    jeannie wrote:

    Hello Jimmy and Welcome to the Rumford Family,

    I am testing your email to be sure I have programmed it correctly. If you get a web site, let me know and I will provide a link to it. Please check the listing for any errors and any time you want to change or add information you can email me directly jeannie@rumford.com Don't forget to send pictures of the Rumfords you specify. We will place them in the picture gallery with your credits.

    Have a great day.
    Jeannie Rosanelli
    Buckley Rumford Company

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