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George Jessop Architect
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Centerville, MA 02632
508 428 8952
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I have been designing this powerful and fascinating fireplace style for decades beginning with a single flue of 36 x 36 for a 16 x 24 family room with a vaulted ceiling 18 high. The largest Rumford fireplace I have designed is 42 x 42 with Tudor arch opening and sandstone pilasters and mantel for a library of 26 x 42. I am presently designing a Rumford for a Family room and Kitchen (the old Country Kitchen) with vaulted ceiling, trussed, w/ island snack bar combination and an exterior Fall/Spring patio unit back to back.

The best part of designing Rumford fireplaces is that they get used. Easy startup and easy cleanup are the hallmarks of my designs. Masons love the art of building a Rumford Fireplace design so they really put their souls into it. I design for properties on Cape Cod, Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard. I will cross the Canal Bridge, if requested.)

(George A. Jessop, jr. AIA Emeritus -

Hi Jim; Photo of 42 x 42 Rumford fireplace as promised. The backup masonry opening is supported on a lintel bent and fillet filled to match the Tudor Arch.

Long story of finding the original design of a similar opening without the pilasters in a photo article on fireplaces - it was a Greene and Greene design in Stanford U. Dean's residence.

It was of no help, so I designed the entire fireplace of Indiana Limestone fabricated and installed by Plymouth Quarry. Scale of room helps with proportions as ceiling is 10' high.

Actual size of opening is 52" wide x 48" high at point of arch, 42" at haunch. Covings are approximately 60 deg.. The lady-of-the-house thought the yellow firebrick too bright so flat black stove paint was added at the last minute. Given my druthers, and a chance to do over, I would use a grey soapstone laid thin profile (4-1/2" thick) with solid 4" CMU backup.

Best, George

P. O. Box 1277, Centerville, MA 02632

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