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Hoping you and your family are healthy I just wanted to let you know how much I have always valued your help in my Rumford project here in Frankfort, Ky. Back in 2017-ish.

You spent a significant part of your weekend emailing your input and experience. Our 60" Rumford is the focal point of our home and the surprise of our winter guests. It actually can raise the ambient temp of over 30,000 cubic ft. of our great room by as much as 4.5 degrees (depending on fuel load of course).

Your intense opposition to my desire to provide outside combustion air pushed me to focus my approach to get it right or open nearby windows.

Raising the hearth to 25" above finished floor allowed an unobstructed view of the entire flame from our dining room nearly 60` away. As well as allowing a hollow cavity under the hearth from the right side of the firebox to the far left side exterior wall that has 4 large screened louvered air intake vents. The hearth is supported by a 1/2" thick steel diamond plate that has 4 cut outs for 6x12" floor registers directly in front of the firebox. The combined passive air flow of the 4 openings on non windy days is between 535 and 640 cfm.. I have a variable speed insulated bullet type fan that can boost that to over 900 cfm if needed.

Happy to share photos as I think that as homes are better and better insulated these days, the air intake focus is all the more important. Your Rumford fireplace kits or equal should be the only true fireplace options. And why not require a maximum moisture content of firewood to be 15% as we try to burn wood under 8%.and have yet to see smoke from our chimney flue. Fireplaces get a deserved bad environmental rap. Let`s improve that.

Thanks so much again and stay healthy,

Vic Gasperini

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