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Here are a couple pics of my Rumford near Franklin, TX. Vicente Rios built it for me. I had to do quite a bit of hand-holding, since this was the first Rumford he’s ever built, but it turned out very nice. His biggest struggle was trusting that the one-piece throat was stout enough to support the masonry without having a steel lintel under it. We used a stone slab for a mantel so we could mount it at a reasonable height—a wood mantel would have had to be 12-18” higher up, and my wife couldn’t have reached it! Behind the fireplace is a 4” air gap, with a layer of Hardie planks against the studs. In the room behind the fireplace, I plan to vent the wall at the floor and ceiling to allow air convection to pull heat from the back of the firebox into the room.

I still need to adjust the damper and install the Chim-A-Lator control lever (I’m trying a dual-damper setup), and obviously the house itself still has a ways to go…but I may have to start building fires in this thing just to keep the workers warm! I’m already looking forward to next winter...

Jon Gardner

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