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Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009
From: Paul Gallacher
To: "Jeannie Rosanelli"

Hi Jeannie,

I got the Air-o-later last week and have it installed now. Thanks very much for taking the trouble to send it.

I have also got the granite finish up either side and over the top of the fire opening and it looks fantastic.

I just need to alter slightly my wooden fire surround and mantle piece to fit the new fireplace then I'm finished.

I've already lit the fire though and it burns beautifully. There is no smoking and it works really well with either oak logs on the bare hearth or coal on my cast iron grate, I am really delighted with the result.

My Jack Russell terrier Monty can't stand the heat lying in front of it and the lounge gets up to 28.5 degerees celcius which is wonderful. The heat seems to fan out really well to cover the whole room.

I'll email you a picture as soon as I get the surround finished.

Many thanks and best wishes.

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