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Not sure you remember me. I'm the guy that built the Kiva Rumford in Ecuador. The other day I was showing a friend your website and pictures of Rumford's. I stumbled across the International Gallery and noticed you had Ecuador listed. I checked it out and was surprised to see it was a picture of the first "proof of concept" fire when there was no plaster on the bags forming the wall and I had done absolutely nothing for appearance. In fact I was so sure it wasn't going to work and would require being torn down that it really wasn't even finished. Well now it has been two years of burning a fire almost every night. It works fantastically and I did finish it.

My wife has made a larger wreath which will look better. All of the stocking hide the mantle so you can't really appreciate it however compared to the picture you have it is about a 1,000,000% improvement. Again thanks for all of your help.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Edward Konderla

Another pictrure - And at night


Hola Everyone,

We had our first fire in our fireplace today. Everything went great in fact if I didn't know it was a brand new chimney I would have thought I was having a chimney fire. This thing sounds like a rocket once it comes up to speed and you're uncomfortable standing any closer than 10 feet.

It is still as ugly as a mud fence so now to the effort of making it pretty. It was a heck of a challenge but me and my two trusty companions got her done. Thanks so much to Jim Buckley from the Buckley Rumford company and all of his info and advice.

Normally people purchase the throat and smoke chamber for this type of fireplace because they are pretty hard to build from scratch. I was scared to have them shipped to Ecuador because although well worth it they are somewhat expensive and sometimes Ecuadorian customs can be hard to get along with.

Anyway Jim held my hand through the process and now we have a Buckley Rumford 30" Kiva fireplace. Yea!


Edward Konderla

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