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Here's a photo of a Rumford that I built back in 1995. It has an ash dump and a rotary damper control. I used an other damper to do this. I placed this damper where I would normally would -
top of the Superior Clay throat section. This damper did lean back like they all do and it was a good thing as we had to clear 2x6 framing. This one is the shed master.
Duclos Masonry
103 N Main St, P.O. Box 380
Newton N. H. 03858
603 463 1055
Marc A. Duclos - all types of masonry, brick, block and stone work.

From: "Marc Duclos"
To: buckley@rumford.com
Subject: listed as a mason how build rumford fireplacses.
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006

Hi Jim,

My name is Marc Duclos of MaDuclos masonry,the guy who tired just before the superbowl to get listed with you and I sent a slew of pictures. The Pacheco fireplace with a screen and arch openings - I built this fireplace. "Nestone" used to mean nobody ever seen the one that I built before the internet. Could you help me be listed to build these in my area? Thank you for your asistance. Marc a Duclos, or mad masonry

Marc Duclos*

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