Rumfords in Easton, PA
Date: 12/10/05
To: Jim Buckley
From: William Dohe
Subject: Update listing information

Hi Jim-

Just wanted to get an update on my information:

William G. Dohe, AIA
230 Ferry Street
Easton, PA 18042

We have now specified over a dozen Rumfords since '99. We are in construction on one of our projects with no less than five Rumford fireplaces. They perform great, and once a mason builds one, they are hooked. Kudos to Beth Hanover Supply who support and distribute the products locally.

I'll send pics if you reply......!

Hope all is well,



"I used to work in Jackson Hole with Tony Kimmi. You were a great help then. I am glad to see you are on the net. I am sure I will be using your services in the not too distant future. Til then, take care."

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