Date: April 1998
From: Ej1920
Subject: Thanks for all the help.

Dear Mr. Buckley,

About a month ago, while building a fireplace with an employee of mine, he started to tell me the story of Count Rumford. This employee, being a very knowledgable mason of about 60 years old, gave me an entire history of the Rumford fireplace. I, being a fairly accomplished mason myself, had never heard of a Rumford fireplace, mostly being a victim of my youth. (I am 35 years old).

You can only imagine my surprise when just the next day I went on an estimate to build a fireplace and the general contractor asked me if I had ever built a Rumford fireplace. Although my employee had said he had built quite a few of them some years ago, I was skeptical about saying I had built one on the words of an employee.

Admitting that I had not built one turned out to be the right thing to do. The contractor admired my honesty and assured me that if I were an accomplished mason, building a Rumford fireplace would not be a problem. The next day, the contractor accepted my price and gave me the job.

That same evening I hit the computer and came upon your Website. At this point I can only say thank you for your generous contribution to the profession of masonry. The plans you included in the site made building the fireplace a breeze. And Skip at Superior Clay Corp. was a great help in hooking me up with a distributer of the parts I needed over here in New York.

I was also quite surprised and delighted when I saw my company in the list of mason contractors who build Rumford fireplaces. Thank you so much for that consideration. I will be sending you a picture of the fireplace I built along with some photograghs of the construction process. I would be greatly honored if you included them in your Website, but if you choose not to, consider them a gift from a young mason who thanks you and is always willing to learn more about my profession.

Incidently, my E-Mail address is EJ1920. It would be great if you included it with my Company name in the mason's directory on the Website. And by all means, feel free to send me a short note in response to this mail. It would be a pleasure to here from you.

Very truly yours,
Ernest Di Vincenzo
Pres. E & J Construction Co.

P.S. It turns out that my employee never built a Rumford fireplace. He was building Orton fireplaces all along!


Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004
From: Ernie
Subject: Please change my E-Mail address


I have changed my E-Mail address and would greatly appreciate it if you could update my listing under masons who build rumfords. I get about 2 jobs a year off your web site and would like nothing more than to keep it going. Thanks so much.

Ernie DiVincenzo
E & J Construction Inc.
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