From: (Tom Debrayanna)
To: (Jim Buckley)
Subject: Re: another mason
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 1996 18:04:28 GMT

Thanks for your site on the Web..its funny....I've had access for a year and never thought of doing a search for any Masonry material. I assumed stonemasons, bricklayers, tilesetters (all of which I do) wouldn't bother with the Internet....

A year ago, I believe there weren't any construction newsgroups on Usenet... I've been building what I believed were Rumfords from Ken Kern's and Vrest Orton's designs, though whenever I see a photo of an old Rumford fireplace, it appeared the fireback was built plumb... These "true" Rumfords will be easier to build (especially the more compound cutting) with the Superior Products. I'm finding out the costs of the individual pieces tomorrow so I can give some homeowners a price... My one question looking at the plans is: are the segmented throats really balanced by the angle iron....? I mean, I guess so, and I will find out, but that's the first thing that caught my eye when I brought up the plan page, and then d/led it.


Tom Debrayanna
rr1 s30 c14
OK Falls, BC V0H 1R0
604 493 6027

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