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Can you update my listing on your Mason Page for Dayton Masonry..Please add this picture..Thanks Jim



Thanks for the information...Updating my listing on Texas Masons

Retired from SF and Nevada in 2003...moved to Texas in 2004...Reopened Jim Dayton Masonry in 2008.

Jim Dayton Masonry
#1 Tattenham Corner
Midland, TX 79707
Email: jimdayton@suddenlink.net
432 557 0679

Sending you three pictures in seperate emails to follow.

I buy my rumford components from Acme Brick in Midland whom orders them from Superior Clay.

Thanks again,
Jim Dayton

click picture for larger image


Happy New Year Jim,

I am sending you 4 pictures of completed Rumford fireplaces in West Texas in the following 4 seperate emails. Can you please post them to my listing on your website. I also have a Facebook pageI would appreciate listed as well... Jim Dayton Masonry

Hope all is well.

Thank you,
Jim Dayton

Big Rumford Dayton built on This Old House TV
Round Dayton Rumford in Nevada
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