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Andy Cvengros
A well-built 48" Rumford


from: Andy Cvengros
to: buckley@rumford.com
date: Wed, Aug 24, 2011
subject: Listmason


Please include me as a mason who builds Rumford fireplaces in Northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Attached are some photos of a recently completed corner fireplace with a 48"x48" site built herringbone firebox using segmented throat pieces.

I'm a long time observer of your web site. You do a great job. Keep up the good work.


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Andy Cvengros
Building Masonry fireplaces since 1981


    You do a great job too. I've never seen a better site-built herringbone firebox. Thanks for the pictures. We will be honored to list you with a link to your pictures.

    Are those cast iron air intake vents? We don't recommend combustion air in the firebox - see http://www.rumford.com/tech7.html - but we lost our source for good quality spinner air vents and would like to use them occasionally especially for our ovens.

    Warm regards,
    Jim Buckley

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