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Larry Curbello

from: Jim Buckley
to: larry curbello
date: May 9, 2010
subject: Outdoor Rumford


That's a really nice simple Rumford. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I hope you send me one more with a fire and lots of people having a good time.

By the way, get rid of the grate and lay tipi fires as described in our article on building a fire. And I think one or two clay chimney pots would look great on this fireplace - and have the effect of raising the chimney a couple of feet which will improve draft.

So tell me about this Rumford. Are you the homeowner, designer or mason? May we put the pictures on the website with other outdoor Rumfords? We don't have any others quite like yours. Again, I really like the simple elegant design.

Warm regards,
Jim Buckley

On Sun, May 9, 2010 larry curbello wrote:

I'm the mason, Not a problem with the pictures. The homeowner put the grate in but I'll forward your info.

Cheers, Larry
Larry Curbello
Deer Park, TX

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