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48" Rumford with Kirkland Fireplace Screen

We just got our fireplace screen.

Thank you so much! It is perfect. We wanted to share some photos of our 48" x 48" rumford fireplace with the screen you made for us. Goes so well with our modern architecture.

Many thanks,
Greenville, SC


Thank you. Glad you like the screen and we are very happy to see your pictures. I love the modern look.

I'm also intrigued by the board-formed concrete enclosure. Did you pour the fireplace and chimney enclosure as we recommend at http://www.rumford.com/concrete.html and do you have any construction process pictures?

Jim Buckley


A guy name Bill Mosseller (828-817-0617, mossellerconst@windstream.net) built it for us so I don't know if he followed your recommendations. You can ask him. Also, he might have process pictures. I will email what I have. It might just be one or two (should have taken more pictures).

We ended up with a Rumford because Bill said that after building many fireplaces, it is the one he would have in his house. After 5 nights of consecutive fires this week, I would agree. It is amazing! Why more people don't have this type, I do not know.

Best of luck,

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