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Guys; Here are acouple pics of our MA outdoor. We finished afew years ago. We got the stuff in Ohio. I can send some finished pics if you would publish the on your homepage. Thank you.

Paul Champeau


    Thank you. We would love finished pictures ......

    Warm regards,
    Jim Buckley



Thanks for your attention. The Massachusetts outdoor fireplace has a lot of things going on. There is a soapstone beehive oven located upper right firebox. There are two smokers (large enough for a side of beef) upper right and left structure. There is an articulated forge at the rear of the structure amongst other elements. Bill Laub (owner) is a collector of anciemnt iron implements; fireplace and farm tools. One of our design influences is precolonial outdoor kitchems. Had we known cranes were supposed to situated much higher we would have placed them there. I'll attach a couple more photos relevant to your questions and I'll be back with you shortly. Thank you for your time.


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