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Date: 1/7/08
To: "Lou Sena"
From: Jim Buckley
Copy: "Maryann"


It's a lovely fireplace. Thanks for the picture.

We have a "Smoky Fireplace Checklist" on line at http://www.rumford.com/smoky.html which is an attempt to isolate variables and find out what the problem is before throwing solutions at it. Every year we have a dozen or so temperamental or smoky Rumfords. Rarely it's because there is some restriction or the fireplace was not built correctly but most of the time the reason the fireplace smokes is because there is a downdraft in the chimney caused by a tight house with insufficient ventilation air or sometimes because the house is taller than the chimney and out-draws the chimney.

Try some of the suggested experiments and tell me what you find. A picture of the chimney showing the top and its height in relationship to the rest of the roof would help.

Be of good cheer. We have never yet been unable to understand why one of our Rumfords smokes and we have always been able to fix it. You should not have to build small fires in the back of the firebox but don't build any fires until you can insure an updraft in the cold chimney under normal living conditions.

Best, Jim Buckley

At 7:25 AM -0800 1/6/08, Lou Sena wrote:

Dear Jim,

We have a new custom home designed by Carver + Schicketanz who often spec's Rumford fireplaces. We have a wonderful Rumford fireplace in the "great room" but have a problem with it smoking. I have tried 2 very small logs all the way in the back and it still smokes, the problem causes the smoke alarms to go off and reduces the quality of the air.

Please advise if you have any suggestion.

A photo is attached for you review.

Lou Sena*

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