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On Sep 16, 2016, at 7:40 PM, James Campiformio wrote:

Hello, hello. It has been many years, but I was once listed on your Masons page. I did build a Rumford Fireplace for myself and purchased the components through a dealer in Massachusetts in, if memory serves me, circa '98,'99',2000. Having been primarily a Landscape Contractor/DesignerBuilder/Arborist, with stone masonry (mostly dry walls and such a specialty) prior to and since.

I am now contemplating a semi-retirement and would like to focus mostly on custom masonry projects. Both interior and exterior. So, I would liked to be once again listed on your masons page in Connecticut.

My info:

James Campiformio, Mason, Designer/Builder
523 Zaicek Road
Ashford, CT 06278
860 429 0582 or 860 208 4810
James Campiformio

Thank You. By the way, the 42" Fireplace I constructed has been a source of much pride, endless questions, and compliments. Mostly on it's amazing ability to actually burn wood seemingly so effortlessly and in such an efficient manner.

Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998
To: buckley@rumford.com
From: "James Campiformio"
Subject: Building my first Rumford

Jim, just thought I would let you know that after weeks of getting my mind right (and rounding up the components) I finally built my fireplace and chimney.

In case you don't remember, I'm from Connecticut and primarily work with stone, preferably laid up dry.

Everything went well! I built a 42" firebox and it took me considerably longer than the day and a half for you and your crew as evidenced in the printout I downloaded off your site. But what the heck, I had the time and now I have the satisfaction of building my own fireplace. I've yet to build a fire though as bad weather set in and I stopped construction just inside the roof in the attic. I had the luxury of only having the single flue so no need to rush. Heat for the house comes from another source. Thanks for being there!!!

My very best,

Jim Campiformio

And on 1/7/99.......

Hey Jim.

Well my Rumford truned out to be quite an experience building. I finally lit my first fire back in April or May and everything worked just great. My kids really enjoy helping out building fires, which with a Rumford is an easy task. The fire place draws air like no other and "throws heat" like crazy. The 42 incher was the right choice for the room and adds greatly to our enjoyment of our addtion. I took several pictures of the first fire and maybe I'll get them off to you before to long. Thanks for your help.

Jim Campiformio

P.S. I've already been asked a couple of times to build Rumfords for people who have either seen my name on you Masons page or who have seen my Rumford.

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