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Brazilian Rumford

Jim, Once again, a rustic effort. I am not a perfectionist, but I think that, despite the imperfections, this fireplace looks good. It draws well, too... I'll send a couple of other photos of the process, Thanks for your help. Oh, and I didn't have time to build the chimney. We found some 8 inch round tiles, the largest we could locate, and it seems to draw just fine.... just stacked on top of the smoke chamber...
Thanks again,

The walls of the building are constructed of 4" masonry block. The block is the same as is used backing up the firebox, although of considerably lighter weight than what we are accustomed to using in the USA. The opening is 30" square and the depth is 12". The smoke chamber was, by necessity of the constraints of the physical materials, at it's base seated against the the exterior surface of the wall, but leaning away from the wall to a point where there are bricks lain against the wall encircling the flue. As I could not stay any longer in Brazil, I left my brother with instructions to assemble the flue to the height that would meet our code and see how well it draws. If there was is any backing up and smoking, he will mount a new search for, or commission the fabrication of a ten inch round. He is well aware of the code requirement and we took delivery of the flue tiles only after an extensive search by internet and phone. As it is, the tiles are hand made. After a testing period, he will then build up the brickwork around the flue. The fire was made before a chimney was built and was drawing well without it. There will be an additional layer of brick surrounding the firebox, which will then meet the 8" of masonry rule, extending up the height of the chimney and through the roof overhang and three feet above the ridge, which is roughly ten feet away.

We bought some granite countertop material to use for the smoke chamber, cut to fit and glued with refractory cement. As you can see, I built a form out of plywood, based on an eyeball shaped throat and using refractory concrete for the product. I poured a slab for the smoke shelf and sealed the damper in place with it....

My son ponders the project a little.... He actually helped carry materials...

I know the joint looks weak, but there is an overlap of about two inches by the course above on the inside... The back is also reinforced, so I don't believe it will come apart. My disclaimer is that I am NOT a mason....

A dry fitting of the smoke chamber parts.. Held in place till the cement dries...

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