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Hi Jim well 14 months have past and we have built over 15 rumfords last year. Six in one house alone, all over 42 inch. The house is still being constructed and we just handled the rough in, all herringbone. My attempt at preconstruction of herring bone was not as succesful as I had hoped, and ended up rebuilding by hand 3 of them.

One job I built 2 rumfords on same floor one 30" and retrofitted 1 24" with 8" stainless insulated liner. 3 months later customer called and complained that they were smoking and down draught like crazy. Needless to say they were very upset. When I went to site meeting with designer builder and client both hearths were really cold and noticiable down draught. I was slightly concerned but confident in design and also rumfords. So in discussion found that house was spray foamed and had zero freah air incoming. I insisted that it was a negative pressure issue and not a fireplace design issue and that clients needed make up air not for fireplaces but for house in it's self. Long story shortened, air was brought in, and I was asked to test by starting fires in both fireplaces at same time and buring down to smolder, this was first time I had opportunity to be by a rumford while lit. They were awesome and incredible, passed test with flying colours.

I work in concert with many contractors in Toronto On. with Masons Masonry as my supplier either Andrew or Adrian Mason know me well, and design build rough in fireplaces for The fireplace shop in Toronto. I push rumfords at every site meeting and have enough under my belt to now request that you may consider adding me to your site.

What would help you decide? I will be adding fireplaces to our website in next few weeks http://www.bowmanmasonry.com/ as well as the 2 that I have attached for you to look at.

Yours Truly
Guy Bowman
Bowman masonry Restoration LTD

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