Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
Rumford in Kentucky
from: Robert Bolster
to: buckley@rumford.com
date: Mon, Feb 1, 2010
subject: RUMFORD in KY

Hello Jim,

I have recently moved into a house that I've been constructing for the last six years. Included in this project is a 36" Rumford built with components supplied by Superior Clay. It is one of the most enjoyable features of the home and gets used very frequently.

The house is built with ICF construction from deep in the ground to the peak of the roof. The Rumford was completed and the walls were cast around the Rumford making it a structural part of the wall. No air infiltration on this one!!

Chimney is very large (35' tall) and constructed of dry stack blue limestone. The face and outer hearth are made of Burano which is a brushed granite. This fireplace has perfect manners and is a pleasure to use.

I would be happy to show my Rumford if you have someone in the area wishing to see a completed fireplace using the Superior components.

Best wishes to you,
Robert Bolster
Post Office Box 686
Elkton, Kentucky 42220
(270) 878-0390


*Note: In October, 2010 Robert noticed a crack in the throat and the damper warped. He commented that "I think that we might be using our Rumford more than the average folks. I also have fired it very hot and long on numerous days last winter. We just can't get enough of a good thing!!" We don't know of any other one piece throats that have cracked except for the much abused prototype at Superior Clay but we will stay with Robert to see if the crack is a problem. We think our Rumfords should be fired hot and long for years and years. - Jim

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