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Seth Corning

Dec 1, 2009


Yes! By all means, put me on your list and on your site!

The kitchen at Remick's Barn in York was a challenge as I could not find a mason who had ever built working set kettles. I visited other historical homes in the area, but all had the set kettles closed up so they couldnt be used. I even contacted someone at Monticello, as they were restoring Jefferson's kitchen at the time, but they werent making the kettles functional, so that didnt help me either.

I finally bought a set of Rumford's books and pored over them until I found a cross section drawing he did. I was able to scale off the plan to build them, and they work! Amazing considering the flue for each is tiny and horizontal, the man was a genius, only a few pounds of wood can boil water.

We used your throat, damper and smoke chamber in the fireplace, and bee hive oven kit for the oven.

Seth Corning

Nov 30, 2009


Very interesting. I wish you would tell me more about the process and the inner workings of the fireplace, oven and masonry cookstove and what components of our you used where.

We don't seem to have you listed on our masons list at http://www.rumford.com/mason.html  May we?  I love the fireplace pictured third down on your fireplace page. It's a Rumford, I assume. May we use that on our site with a link to you?

Jim Buckley



Just some shots of a masonry kitchen with set kettles that we did a couple years ago for the Old York Historical Society, York, Maine, using many of your components, thanks!

Seth Corning

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