Buckley Rumford Fireplaces
Love Their Rumford, Want Another
Bill & Bobbie Askew

Hi, 9 years ago I had a dream fulfilled by having a Rumford fireplace built in our new family room. Needless to say we love it. Now we are thinking about adding a master bedroom and I would love to have a Rumford fireplace in it. I like the look of the fireplace that is on the front page of your web site, the small one with the blue surround. First question: how small of a Rumford can be built? Second question: If I have a 7 foot by 8 foot corner can I have a Rumford there? That is an interior corner so the entire fireplace must be inside the room. Third question: How much space would the fireplace take up in all directions and should it be flat against the wall or would a corner fireplace be better?

Thank you for taking your time to read and respond to me. I am drawing my own plans and need to know this information before I try to get bids for the addition.

Bobbie Askew
Pittsburg, Kansas

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