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You are correct my passion/business is log and timber frame restoration but I have been relining chimneys and rebuilding fireplaces for nearly twenty years using a system very much like Ahrens. The last relining was also the largest I have ever done and I had problems with the material falling out. Thank God it was a short flue so it was easy to patch in the bad spots. Stainless steel is so much easier. I was not concerned whether or not if your product was UL tested to the 1777 flue lining standard.

Dave said I should be added to your list after doing that installation under his supervision last spring near Fairmont. I have attached some pics from that one including the owner who did the rock facing by herself. I am redoing part of the website so might add some fireplace pics but have to be careful since I am not licensed in Mn to do more than one trade. Also I would like to link to your site if you don’t mind.

Thanks for setting me straight on the Rumford specs and tolerances. It’s good to know what rules are hard and fast and which are more flexible. I know what you are saying about the value of my time and although I haven’t done the work yet I just can’t see the benefit of using the precast throat. I feel that removing the front of the fireplace to put a standard product into what I feel is a non-standard application will cost more and take more time. Plus it will add more cost by forcing me to tuck-point the entire interior of the fireplace to hide the new opening. I will let you know how many hours that part requires when I am done. I may back-plaster the smoke chamber but don’t think it requires as much attention as the throat. Is this correct?

I buy all my dampers from Copperfield Supply at a wholesale cost that is abt 25-30% below those you suggested. I have an old 12x12 tile in the shop and may just try lowering one down the chimney to see if it fits. While doing a job in a nearby town I found a homemade device for lowering tile into place and may try it to see how it works as I only need to install 5 or 6 to do this job.

Mark Johnson

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