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Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003
From: "Chris Arndt"
Subject: First light

Dad finished up the 24" Rumford in our 10 x 12 cabin. Here are a couple of pictures of first light after the face was complete. We set a pipe socket in the slab and hearth to hold the grill support pipe and then I welded up a grill last week that swings in and out of the fireplace, and is adjustable up and down.

And on the stone mantel is an empty Rumford Double Acting Baking powder tin for matches. :-)

(We're the ones that ordered the ceramic paper from you a few weeks ago.)

I also included a shot of the chimney and one of the cabin itself. It's not all finished yet. I have to trim off the foam I squirted between the chimney stone and the logs, and then resand and stain the logs.

Best Regards,

Chris Arndt
San Luis Obisbo, CA

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