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Yes we did change our URL and updated our logo.

We love Rumfords and try to install them in all our projects that call for fireplaces.

Attached are a few (non-professional, mid-construction) photos of the cabin that we designed showing the 36”x36” Rumford that we need a screen for. (The owner’s daughter painted the mountain scenes on the frieze.)

Thanks once again for your help!

Cynthia Kozdeba , AIA, LEED AP
ART | Albert · Righter · Tittmann, Architects
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Thank you. We like pictures of our Rumfords.

I noticed in another of your houses that the walls and ceilings are just open studs and rafters yet the houses seem to be finished and lived in. Is this a new decorating trend? I like it since my own home is never quite finished. I apparently have a disease called "potenialysis" in that as soon as I can see the potential, I don’t have to actually finish it.



I like your "potenialysis" description. Certainly my thoughts on my own condo fall into the same category!

The exposed framing and rafter design in our office is usually reserved for summer cottages/3-season cabins. There is about 2” of rigid insulation above the rafter & T&G boards and none in the walls. They usually don't have heating systems outside of fireplaces and no cooling.

Hope that helps.

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