Buckley Rumford Fireplaces

(if you are a Mason)

Mason's Check List:

  • Browse The Rumford Fireplace Website. Look at the pictures, study the plans and instructions, read the articles about Rumford fireplaces, refractory mortar, chimney construction, etc.

  • Check with local building officials to see what permits may be required to comply with local building codes, energy & indoor air quality codes and emissions regulations. Information about many of these codes and regulations is on the webste under codes.

  • Check our list of masons to make sure you are listed and the listing is current. Notice that we also have lists of builders and architects who have built with or designed Rumfords. They might be worth calling if you want more work building Rumford fireplaces.

  • Look on our website for masonry materials dealers in your area that stock and sell Rumford components and kits as well as perhaps chimney tops, flue liners, firebrick and dampers. You probably have accounts at some of the dealers listed. For convenience, service and price there is no substitute for a good local dealer. Lists of components and materials that you will need are linked from our Components page.

  • To order from the Rumford Store, just click on one of the Order Forms under each of the offered products in the The Rumford Store. If we have a dealer in your area that stocks and promotes that product, we will forward your order to that dealer for better and faster service.

When you are finished with your Rumford fireplace, send us a picture and we'll use it on the website (like the one at the top of this page) to help us all get a little more exposure.

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