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Homeowner's Check List
Browse The Rumford Fireplace Website for help in deciding what you want your Rumford to look like and how big it should be, or to answer questions you may have about emissions, efficiency or to read about the history of fireplaces and see what others have said about them.

Check with your local building official to see what permits may be required to comply with local building codes, energy & indoor air quality codes and emissions regulations. Information about many of these codes and regulations are on the webste under codes.

You may already have a builder or a mason - or maybe you are acting as your own builder - but, if you need a referral, we have lists of builders and masons who have built Rumford fireplaces in your area. We also have a list of architects who have designed Rumfords.

When you or your contractor are ready to order your Rumford look on our website for a masonry materials dealer near you that stocks and sells Rumford components. Lists of components and materials that you will need are linked from our Components page.

To order from the Rumford Store (mostly "Rumford-specific" related products), just click on one of the Order Forms under each of the offered products in the The Rumford Store If we have a dealer in your area that stocks and promotes that product, we will forward your order to that dealer for better and faster service. - Jim