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Why a Rumford Store

Our Rumford components are available through the masonry dealers listed on our Dealers Page where you can also get brick, block, stone, mortar and other masonry products. So why do we have an on line Store? Because we are aware that our product is not as "turn-key" as we would like - that in many ways we hand you a problem: Now, where do I get tall glass doors or screens or gas logs that fit?

We have assembled some of these hard-to-find or Rumford-specific products for our customers' convenience. We started by listing companies and making referrals. In fact we still do that on the List of Manufacturers and Related Products. But some companies don't want to sell to the public and in many cases we can negotiate better deals than you can.

It's not perfect. Even collectively, we are small and insignificant to many of our fabricators and suppliers. It sometimes takes two months to get a custom screen made - after we've been told four weeks - and we've already charged your credit card. There are days when we don't think the hassle is worth it, but most of the time I'm confident we can help you get a better product for less money, faster.

We will do our best for you. There are only three of us and I may be on the road or swamped with a hundred email messages when you call and expect a quick response. Please be patient and know that we assume that you have one of our Rumford fireplaces and are an important customer. We want you to be happy and satisfied. We'll do what we can to speed up your order, steer you right and refund your money if you're not satisfied. See our Return Policy. We do make a little money selling this stuff but our main business is all about Rumford Fireplaces and this is just an attempt to provide better service.

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PS: We do offer our dealers small discounts and/or get out of the middle and help them to carry and sell these Rumford related products if they want to.

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