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Bi-Fold Metal Doors

Retractable pin hinge
Assembly Instructions

Installation insturctions are the same as for the framless glass doors. See Glass Door Instuctions.

Bi-Fold Metal panel Doors are an option for people who want (or must by code) have some sort of door but can't abide glass doors. They have no frame (although one could be ordered) and are designed to fit inside the fireplace opening for a clean, simple, functional appearance.

Metal doors look better than glass doors
Big and tall - any size - to fit Rumfords
Safe, won't break
Less expensive and usually ship by UPS
Close off the fireplace when not in use
More intuitive - open when you have a fire
Baked on powdercoat finish

Multi panels, other colors
Custom sizes
Quantity price breaks

Order Your Bi-fold Metal Door

Doors are 1/4" smaller than fireplace opening for 1/8" clearance all around.

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