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Large diameter "Class A - All Fuel" chimneys for masonry Rumford fireplaces

"Twice the expense and half the value of real masonry chimneys"

  • Listed to UL 103
  • Sizes to 24" in Diameter
  • Technical Assistance
  • Competitive Pricing

    by email or call 360 385 9974

  • "Decorative Shrouds"

    "Decorative Shrouds" for metal chimneys must now be UL listed. Due to recent fires and resultant code changes that prevent non-listed "decorative shrouds" on any metal chimney - even though the problem is only with air-cooled UL 127 chimneys - you need a UL listed chimney top or shroud if you use a UL 103 metal chimney to vent a Rumford fireplace. Read the code and our proposed code change..

      "Decorative Shrouds" for the ICC Class A chimneys that we sell must comply with the ICC shroud guidlines that ICC supplies for custom shrouds that anyone can build. Our chimneys will always need a rain cap or rain cap base to cover the insulation of the chimney with or without a shroud. If the chimney terminates into a non combustible enclosure it will still need to comply with the shroud guidelines since we want it to vent properly and it need some openings for air circulation and to prevent water accumulation in the enclosure. - ICC Tech Support

    Clay chimney pots? Just create cluster pots with dimensions that comply with the ICC shroud guidlines.

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