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Safety Shut-off Valves
In that picture of the burner with all the stuff attached on the right side:

1. The burner height on all burners used is 6". An additional bar is added underneath the main burner bar you see going across the burner 1/3 of the way up to add flame to the taller Rumford tipi style of log sets.

2. The two small metal connections on the right side are:

    Copper lead to the thermocouple heat sensor and
    Steel gas feed to the burner's pilot flame.
These can only be in short lengths as the electronic information conveyed by the thermocouple lead can't go further than a few inches due to resistance - meaning that the safety Valve must be located IN the firebox.

3. Normal placement of the Safety Valve would actually be lower than is shown in this picture - down on the floor of the box. After it is covered with the volcanic ash that comes with the kit, it won't be so visible and obnoxious.

4. The knob is the ON/OFF function for the gas to the logs.

5. The whole assembly on the right will fit in your hand - figure the black box is only 6" high - this can't be more than about 3" x 5".

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