Door Installed on Rough Masonry
Surround Being Installed
Another View
Lift Doors In or Out
Rumford with Doors Out
Rumford with Doors Closed
48" Rumford in test lab

Installation Instructions

The Rumford eStore
Certified Doors
For people who hate glass doors
High Quality, Visually Minimal, Easily Removable
Ceramic (high temperature) glass

The Certified Rumford door frame is used as a template to facilitate the construction of the Rumford firebox and mostly disappears behind the surround. These doors are designed to be built in, so order them before you install the brick, marble, tile or terra cotta surround. If you have to build the fireplace before you get the door, build the firebox the same size (or maybe 1/4" larger) than the inside door frame opening listed.

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