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Electric Ceramic Radiant Burners

Note: Martin called about firebrick slabs. He is building an oven with them which he plans to heat with electric ceramic radiant burners so that he doesn't need a flue. He had be using his kitchen electric stove rigged so that he could open the door while the oven cleaner feature was on. He got it up to 1,000 degrees F although it kept shutting off when he kept the door open too long. - Jim

From: "martin becker"
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008

Hey I missed your call but got your message. Here is the link to Elstein - the ceramic burners guys.


I also attached a catalog that explains the physics and shows the products.

There are no prices.

The engineer suggested I use a panel type burner, the HTS model, -"HTS 1 /" at 600 watts to keep me under a 20 amp load on the outlet/circuit. He ball parked 90$ for three of them, just to give you an idea on cost.

This model requires a temp controller that runs 250$. I'm working around that as we speak.

I am working on the fire box and I'll let you know how they work as the work progresses.

Hope this helps Thanks martin

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