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The 36" Rumford fireplace and one story tapered block chimney shown in this series were built in one day and a couple hours by two masons and a laborer under simulated production conditions. I had spent the day before making sure all the materials were on site and the inspections were lined up. - Jim Buckley

1:00pm - After lunch we start building the chimney through the trusses which turned out to be more time consuming than we had anticipated. It slowed us down a lot.
    Note: The trusses were designed to be on 24" centers which wouldn't leave enough room for our 24" deep chimney plus the required 2" of clearance all around. The week before we started the builder had to re-engineer his trusses so that the separation between two trusses could be increased to 28" for our chimney.

3:00pm - Finally we're on the roof and had to take more time to build a rough scaffolding.

10:00am next morning - We still had about three feet of chimney to build at 4:00pm so we tooled joints, cleaned up and quit by 5:00. Next morning it took about two hours to finish the chimney. The same mason contractor, Old World Masonry in Port Townsend, later stuccoed the whole house, including the chimney and the fireplace surround inside.

The masons who did all the work in 1997 were Ray Novello and Bob Hicks who worked for stucco contractor, Old World Masonry - now Old World Granite and Marble (360 385 3582) in Port Townsend, WA. Old World owner, Gilles Mougel, and me, Jim Buckley, are also pictured.


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