Rumford Fireplace Construction
Production Series
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The 36" Rumford fireplace and one story tapered block chimney shown in this series were built in one day and a couple hours by two masons and a laborer under simulated production conditions. I had spent the day before making sure all the materials were on site and the inspections were lined up. - Jim Buckley

9:00 - Some firebrick are cut in half with a brick set while the corbel slabs are being laid. Since firebrick are half as wide (4 -1/2") as they are long (9") you can just lay one brick across the one to be cut, line up the edge and wack it - no need to measure.

9:50am - Lay out firebox - two brick covings and a brick and a half fireback.

10:30am - The firebox is finished and washed in 40 minutes using premixed HeatStop refractory mortar. That's a "cowbell" combustion air intake in the fireback. It was a mistake to put it there. It melted after a couple of fires and we replaced it with a firebrick.


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