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1750 Pensylvania "Squirrel tail" Oven

Comments on squirrel tail oven design

This cica 1750 suirrel tail oven in Pensylvania sent by a concientions sweep who was concerned about the workmanship of the restoration and about the safety of the oven. - Jim Buckley

Nov 22
north Forge

Hi Jim thanks for all the information. Our contact information is North Forge Home Heating Annville Pa. Email norfor@comcast.net, phone number 717-867-1744. My name is Robert Herr. Thank you again for help.


Thanks for the pictures. Interesting oven but I see what you mean about the inside of the flue. I will be happy to talk with your customer if she elects to call me but what I would advise her is to read the articles on Historical Fire Safety Strategies and the article for sweeps about how to mesh historic fireplaces and ovens with modern code.

And thanks for the contact information. We will include your company on our sweeps list at http://www.rumford.com/sweep.html I like your approach to service and safety.

Warm regards,

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