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Dye's 36" Oven on Steel Frame
with zero clearance fireplace underneath

To: sales@superiorclay.com
Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010
Subject: 36 inch wood fired pizza oven

Purchased from Superior Clay through Pioneer Masonry in Marietta, Ohio, after finding it on the internet and coming to Dover to look at it and planning for it. It is Inside our house, we use it year around, hundreds of pizza's have been created in this oven.

Connie Dye


Jan 20, 2010

This is how it looks today, we regularly have groups of 30-50 for pizza, the speed in which it bakes is amazing. On two seperate occassions we have made 50 pizzas in a day to feed our local Lowe's employees, there are 120 employees we did it in two shifts. We donated everything and delivered them at two seperate lunch hours. Lowe's managment used it as an incentive to go 90 days with no loss time accidents.

The insulation in the refractory mortar is the key to installing this inside your home. We use our oven year around, it is never too hot in July to fire it up and make pizza.

Thanks again for this product, it is truly unique.


Jan 20, 2010

Thank you for sending us your pictures. We are always interested in seeing how folks construct and use their ovens. I will pass these along to our technical department. They may want to post these on our website to give others an idea of what they can do. Thank you again and I'm glad you are enjoying your oven.

Dave Kopp
Superior Clay Corp.

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