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Other Masons
The "Certified Rumford Masons Program" is sponsored by the Buckley Rumford Co. and the Superior Clay Corp. and by Columbus Coal & Lime Co.

These are the masons that we recommend. They are competent and we've had an opportunity to meet with them and train them in the construction of Rumford fireplaces. We refer them to you with with confidence.

We appreciate your feedback and comunication. As a mason, let us know what you did with referrals we give you. Send pictures of the Rumfords you build and tell us what you think. As a builder or homeowner, let us know how our "certified mason" performed.

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Tim Carlisle
Carlisle Masonry Construction Inc.
14121 Perfect Rd.
Sunbury, OH 43074
740 965 4551

Kevin Daly
Carlisle Masonry Construction Inc.
8736 Scarsdale
Powell, OH 43065
614 419 1045

Leonard Williams
Leonard Williams Masonry Inc.
78 Derringer Ct.
Johnstown, OH 43031
740 964 1003 or 740 924 1185

Jobe Masonry, Inc.
1748 Elmore Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43224
614 262 9613
Jack Jobe built R48 with bread oven in 99)

Nick Capparuccini
Capparuccini Builders Inc.
1143 Urban Dr.
Columbus, OH 43229
614 885 0819

Richard Skaggs
5427 Madison St.
Hilliard, OH 43026
614 876 6897

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