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1) Which factors affect the "draw" of a fireplace - its ability to exhaust all the products of combustion? 2) What is the primary means of heat transfer for a Rumford fireplace? How does it heat? 3) Clay flues are designated by: 4) When an inside chimney passes through a combustible wall or floor or roof how close can it be to combustible material? 5) The residential building codes are prescriptive. What does that mean? 6) When a chimney is built as part of a structural masonry or veneer masonry wall how close to the chimney can a combustible window or door frame in contact with the masonry wall be located? 7) Combustible mantels and combustible trim must be at least how far from the fireplace opening? 8) In seismic design areas masonry chimneys must have at least one 1/2" rebar grouted vertically in each corner of the chimney, tied horizontally with 1/4" pencil rod at least every 18" of vertical lift. Where exactly in the corners should the vertical rebar be placed? 9) "Any mason can lay one brick in ten seconds." How long does it take two masons to build a 36" Rumford fireplace and one story block chimney? 10) No matter how many great features a Rumford fireplace has and no matter how many benefits there are to a masonry chimney, the customer/client won't go for it until:

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